artist based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


Hotel Bukowski is a collaborative project between visual artist Valerie van Leersum and musician/composer Gerco Aerts. It originated in 2004, when Valerie van Leersum heard the pieces that Gerco Aerts had created by writing music to home-recordings of Charles Bukowski reading his own poetry. Van Leersum decided to create visual surroundings for these recordings. This resulted in three little hotel rooms that have been traveling festivals since.

Both on the inside and the outside these rooms have an alienated feeling about  them. From the outside they seem like black boxes. When the visitor enters the little room he is surrounded by a strange interior, unknown objects and smells. Sitting in an old shabby, but comfortable chair he or she hears one of the musical poems and gets dragged into the world of Bukowski. The occupant becomes actively part of the installation. And when after a while the visitor steps back in the real world again, this all leaves behind a very surrealistic feeling. The installation was first shown on the island of Terschelling, in the north of the Netherlands, during the Oerol festival. It got a lot of positive responses which inspired to continue installing it at other events.

After ‘Hotel Bukowski’ Van Leersum and Aerts have created more installations together, which combine a visual surrounding and sound.