artist based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


Valerie van Leersum works out of her studio in an artists' community in northern Amsterdam. She creates images and installations that incorporate several mediums. Her work could be read as a quest for the meaning of the concept of "home", using objects, text, audio, collages and photography. At times her images are standalone; other times they are part of an installation or a "multitych". Her work moves between 'factual' history on the one hand, and the subjectively experienced on the other, between documentary and the imagined.

Using a specific place or history, van Leersum searches for the imperceptible, linking the present with its history in order to find the holes in its story; the friction between fact and fiction. The earth, rootedness, the house and gravity stand thus opposed to migration, the nomadic and swarm dynamics. In that field of tension, she creates encounters, exchanges and connections.

van Leersum has been working on "The Archive of the Inbetween" since 2012. This archive consists of a collection of works about transition, migration and repurposing. It is a work-in-progress based on the history of places and people on the move. Inspired by people who are looking for new ground versus ground in search of a new purpose, she researches stories and locations.

"The research and history are like a broken vase for me. When you glue the shards together, there's always a piece missing," she says. van Leersum uses that space to make art that, although neither fictional nor intuitive, create a link between the present and the future. These can arise from researching, for example, a journey, an area in development, a building that has disappeared, or human migrations, within which van Leersum focuses on the moment in which "something is not exactly here, not exactly there", exploring the borders between the reasonable and a recognizable reality and the dream or the unrecognizable.

The archive also serves another purpose, as a repository and meeting point for objects derived from her research. At each location, van Leersum seeks out an element that can be used to create an interaction with the surroundings and underscore another approach to the archive.



Artist in residence CBK Zuid-Oost

16/09/18- 16/10/18
Moengo festival -triënnale Moengo, Suriname


Set design Bijna vergeten vergezichten - Oerol, Terschelling

Wijkmaker festival Over 't IJ, Amsterdam

Columns Parbode magazine, Mi egie Moengo


03/05/18 - 13/05/18
Places at drift, exhibition and artist in residence SVA, Stroud England

Internationale kunstroute Noord Groningen 2017

01/01/17 - 30/03/2017
Artist in residence
Tembe Arts Studio, Moengo, Suriname

27/12/2016 - 30/12/2016
This art fair
Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam

In between control and veneration
Hoogheemraadschap Hollands Noorderkwartier, Heerhugowaard

08/07/2016 - 18/07/2016
Inbetween Control and Veneration

Zuiderzee museum presents at
Over 't IJ Festival, Amsterdam

Art for Refugees
Opening 12/02 18.00 tot 21.00 uur Cloud Galery
Prinsengracht 276, Amsterdam

Interview ARTE TV

European Culture Magazine

Metropolis reports artistic and intellectual life in Europe

Episode Amsterdam- With Nicole Beutler, Rune Peitersen,
Marije Gertenbach and Valerie van Leersum

Tentoonstelling winners Summershow
New Dakota- Francis Broeske Projects, Amsterdam

Debat, lezing Framer framed
Tolhuistuin, Amsterdam

Nieuwe leden tentoonstelling
Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam

Summershow 2015
New Dakota- Francis Broeske Projects, Amsterdam

Hangen doe je toch
Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam

Mapping cities on a drift; NDSM
Over 't IJ festival, Amsterdam

On a Drift, Leerling meester
Kunstpodium T, Tilburg/
Extrapool, Nijmegen

Ergens tussen vliegen en vallen
Oerol festival, Terschelling


Project Oostbroek
Platform 57, Den-Haag

Kunst in openbare ruimte
Museum Zonnehof, Amersfoort

Textiel Biënnale 2011
Museum Rijswijk


Artist in residence, Volkskrant, feb 2017

De ware tijd, maart 2017

Arte TV, Metropolis 2015

Stichting NDSM, 2014

Mediamatic, 2015
Project Oostbroek
Trendbeheer, nov 2012

Maand van de geschiedenis, okt 2012

Elle wonen, nov 2012

Textiel biennale
Impressionsofart's Blog okt 2012

Ze kwam binnen door het kelderraam
Cultuur podium, juni 2009

Theater central, juni 2009

Voorheen ankerland
8 weekly, juni 2008