artist based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


Embassy of the North Sea - parliament of things

Until now, the places where I have worked from are all on the land. You could say that they are connected by their roots to the pit of our earth. They are mainly mobile on the surface because time lays several layers over it. But what is the genius loci of the North Sea? A place that mainly exists because of its mobility. Because external factors determine its form. Wind, current, its inhabitants and the light. It is the same factors that determine the color of the North Sea. Perhaps you could even say that the color represents the genius loci of the North Sea.

Since 2019 I’m researching the color of the North Sea. What is this color, what is it made of, what does it tell and can I connect this color with the human residents who are so closely connected to these waters? For this I looking at different color shades using different color indexes such as the Forell-Ule scale, but also on Werner's Nomenclature of colors (1814), a book that was also used by Darwin to observe and describe nature.

During various manifestations on the coast I invite people to compile new color charts of the North Sea, based on personal, sensory perceptions. What color resonate with with a sound, with a memory , with a touch or experience? In the coming years I will ask this question in different places / countries on the North Sea and hope to finally make a color that shapes our connection to the sea. What color do we see if we really listen to the sea.

Museum beelden aan zee, Scheveningen 2019
Het HEM, Zaandam 2019

Set of 5 different cards
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