artist based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


Site specific installation at the international artroute Kerstvoed 1717-2017

In 2017, it was 300 years ago that the North Sea coast was hit by a heavy storm, the Christmas flood of 1717. Sixteen international artists show there work in the landscape that are related to the power of water. The artists are from contemporary floodplains such as Indonesia (seaview, 2004), Japan (tsunami, 2011) and USA / New Orleans (Katrina flood, 2005). In addition, artists have been asked from other coastal areas like the Netherlands, Germany and Denmark. The decor of the North Greenland landscape, where the sea is always close, plays an important role. With the art route we show that art is still up to date.
Where the last have left" is placed on d 'Olle Weem. Olle Weem is a mound with 12 tombstones and the place where ever the settlement of Vliedorp has been. During the Christmas flood, 32 houses, 48 people, 142 cows, 29 horses, 16 pigs and 194 sheep drowned. At this place, the imagination of a jetty is on the art route. The dock is a transit point where land goes into water and vice versa. The place where you are watching and waiting for people. Where you can long for what you expect or miss.

Het Groninger Landschap
Noorderbreedte magazine #3
Kerstvloed 1717