artist based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


At the beginning of May 2018 I made a exhibition during a short artist in residence at the SAV in Stroud England. The exhibition was part of the SITE festival Open studio’s. In the art space of SVA, under the name ‘Places at drift, I showed work that is based on both the industrial and natural transitions of the docklands of Amsterdam and formal mills area’s Stroud.

The exhibition was made out of excised work, new work and work that was made at the spot. The total was an invitation to the audience to think and talk about former industrial areas that are being transformed into new environments by artists. The importance of places that develop by their users. By inviting them to play with the puzzle, draw interesting places we should visit at maps and walking the land. The exhibition was as well autonomic as interactive area where people meet.

Part of the exhibition was the collaboration with, Radio Droogdok. Who was making Podcast with artist who work and life at the formal docklands of Amsterdam.

Moengo is located in the east of Surinam, close to the border of French Guyana. The place was founded in the beginning of the 20th century, after the Surinamese Bauxite Society had discovered bauxite's recoverable stocks.During the cival war in the late 80’s most of the inhabitants had to fleed their homes.

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