artist based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


is an art project that is about the delicate balance between the Dutch and their waters. Seven banners commemorate the 100th anniversary since the Zuiderzee dikes broke. Every flag shows an altar that will hold objects from people who work and deal with the waters in the Netherlands. From several museums and agencies Valerie van Leersum borrowed objects which are used to control the water. She also did research on rituals and objects that were used to conjure the waters. Measuring equipment, charts, talismans, stormballs, ritual food - all elements that provide guidance and movement in the tension between hope and control. The flags will be exhibited on the summer of 2016 in various locations, as silent witnesses commemorating the history of the Waterland Flood.

In cooperation with: The Zuiderzeemuseum, Rijkswaterstaat (the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment), Holland Noorderkwartier Water Board, Waterlandse Vloed, Over het IJ festival and photographer: Tim Stet.

Het Zuiderzeemuseum
Holland Noorderkwartier Water Board
Schellingwouderdijk / Waterlandse Vloed
Over het IJ festival 2016

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