artist based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


The Floating Objects are a series of wall objects made from found and residual materials on or around the NDSM wharf, where my studio is located. There shapes refer to drifting body’s we use in our daily live such as floats, paddles and buoys but are also reminiscent of indigenous protective shields.

Since 2018 I occasionally make an object. The making of these objects works as a meditation moment for me, the material takes over the thought. Playing with the materials, precisely in the execution, I look for the ultimate balance in form. While water is playing an increasingly decisive role in our daily lives, the objects move between protecting and moving along.

The photos were taken during the exhibition Octopus's Garden in the Vishal in Haarlem.

Exposed: Octopus's Garden, Vishal, Haarlem 2022 Fuse NDSM Expo, Amsterdam, 2020 This Art fair, Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam 2018