artist based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


ENTREE, is a project of housing cooperation Mitros in collaboration with the district program of De vrede van Utrecht. The goal is to make beautiful entrance halls, create a relationship between inside and outside, between private property and public property and to ensure that residents feel comfortable coming home. Five artists have taken care in consultation with resident’s 23 entrance halls in Utrecht Overvecht.

Valerie van Leersum worked in cooperation with the residents of four entrance halls at the Japuradreef. Together they talked, photographed and mapped the daily or valuable journeys to and from home. These routes were combined with a map received from a historian who specializes in this area and placed at the wall. In every hall is another cut out of the map mounted? The routes range from the daily route to the kiosk, a family trip to the city up to feet the cats in the park. At first sight, the colours and lines in the stucco on the walls are a powerful, abstract form. By the associated text plates and provide a legend of all personal routes they invite the viewer to watch, think, and talk about the neighbourhood.

Assisted by Sanna Martha

Exposed: Vrede van Utrecht,
Japuradreef, Utrecht Overvecht, 2011