artist based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


This archive contains a collection of works that deal with transition, migration and reallocation. It is a 'work in procgress' based on research into the history of places and people that are in motion.

Inspired by people who are seeking for new ground versus ground looking for a new destination, I examine stories and locations. I peel them off, question them; look at the actual history but also the subjectively experienced. In order to draw conclusions and to depict these. For this, I use images, text (borrowed or not), photography and audio.

The objects are like memories, souvenirs, opportunities for new connections. They can be about a trip from India to the Netherlands, a city farm from the family that dissappeared, a story about the first man to fly on thermals, a shipbuilding yard in transition as well as a newspaper article about an intriguing place on the other side of the world.

The archive also has a function in addition to its autonomy. It is a repository and assemblage of objects that emerged from my studies. On each location I see what element can be used, so that in a new form it will interact with the environment.

Exposed: Nieuw Dakota, Amsterdam, 2015